2010 - 2012 (2010-2012) - 5th to 7th running year. Thanks to great people like Alex Balanesko, Alex Martini, Fernie Prieto, Scott Uly Groom, Shane Johnson, Tim, Martin and so many of you who have kept the dream alive,
GPLegacy Trademark is now Free of GPLegacy Mexico S.A. and so we are able to move on with great projects which might not be related directly to Sim Racing (At the time
But where I hope to count on you since great things are coming our way for 2012

GP now stands for Great People Legacy, once inside you will see why, and I know that's what we all are after a very long and still ongoing recovery

2009 (2k9) - 4th running year. 5 year plan. 1 Off track year (2k8) - Time to get the show on the road. Even more courage. - Welcome to the Beehive, get prepared for a great year.

2008 - A year full of challenges yet this trimester brings New Projects. New systems. New lay-out. New Members. Same spirit and more courage than ever.

2007 - GPLegacy's 2nd year, 50+ massive events, 1st year of A1 Team Mexico Sponsorship, alliance with Autosimsport, more hopes than ever.

2006- 1st formal year. In the clear with black numbers. evergrowing list of events, alliances, trust... our first launch into the big leagues of sim racing

2005 - Year of the dream. Challenges met, new to arise, and a team up to the task



GPLegacy Developments

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